In Bed

In this series, a collection of oil portrait paintings of different people in her social realm, Mladenov examines the many frames of mind that are experienced in bed — a common place, yet charged environment.

“The bed is a place for rearranging ourselves, our constructions of the world and our experiences,” Mladenov explains of the series. Contentment, longing, eagerness, and pleasure; frailty, sickness, numbness, and regret; anxiousness and anger, and absolute relaxation — in bed we process many of the most potent states of being. A more nebulous sense of time is allowed in this unique place where past, present and future can converse freely to clarify the most important struggles of our waking lives. – Nicole Rodriguez

The exhibition catalog with an introduction by Nicole Rodriquez and a conversation with Mika Hannula is available as a print size download or can be post ordered via email.